Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome to the Authors' Cave Halloween Blog Train!

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Include a picture or video of yourself in a Halloween costume!
Trick or Treating with m my girl I’m a morphed witch of sorts. Couldn’t stay away from the short skirt but pulled it off regardless!

What is your favorite scary movie? 
The Strangers! 

I love this movie. It’s just plain messed up. 
Here is the trailer! (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman)

What scene from a book or movie scared you more than any other? 
This scene of this guy putting his face down on the curb and getting STOMPED has stuck with me for years! 

I cringe just looking at this picture! I mean, check this scene out!

If all of Stephen King's bad guys were after each other, who would win and why? 
Well, being from Colorado and having stayed at The Stanley many times, I have to say that my favorite bad guy would be the actual hotel in The Shining!

The Overlook Hotel holds a huge amount of history and spirit power. It is then, the place itself that has grabbed me by my fear straps and gives me a respectable sense of the heebie-jeebies.

I’m not sure it would matter how badass you are … could you stay focused? Could you stay sane enough? Could you win (and actually know it)? Well, if you are staying at The Overlook? I think not. J

Give a Treat!  
A simple one for you and the kiddies. This one was a hit at school and if you like pudding and cookies, you’ll love it!

Pudding, food coloring and Oreo crumbles. I had originally found this on the website where they use vanilla pudding.

The kids loved it and so did I!

Book and elevator pitch for one of your books!
Crash Landing - It’s amazing to me how quick we are to believe what is put before us. It’s 1897 and an alien crashed and of course died, and the government has his body? Did NO ONE ask…what if he had lived?

Find it here on Amazon!


These 11 brave souls from all over the world took on the challenge to join the Halloween Story Train!

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Ginger Gelsheimer - Florida
Mary Fonvielle - North Carolina
Christina Keats - Colorado
William Bryan Miller - Kentucky
Lorrie Farrelly - Californa
Lex Allen - Germany
Celia Kennedy - Washington
Lisa Hall - Oregon
Chameleon - Texas
Linda Thackery - Australia
Gemma Farrow - London

They were given a beginning of a story and each writer passed the torch to the next train car (blog) to continue the story. We had no idea where it would go or how it would turn out, but it's a great story and you will never guess what happens next!

Follow the train to see how the story goes and to get to know some of the new authors.

Blog Train Halloween Story! 

Members of the train will follow in the order of their cars to complete the following Halloween story. 

Follow the train to see how the story goes and to get to know some new authors!

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Buried Alive?

I panic. I can’t shake off the visions. I can’t squirm because there is no room. All I feel is pure fear. I put my hands to my head, squeezing my eyes shut as I hold back a scream. But wait, what’s that? This is not my face.

I feel pockets and grooves…what is this? I follow a slimy tendril back behind my right ear. It seems to go right into my skull. I am in shock, and I freeze. I want to get out of here! I try to call out, but somehow cannot find my voice.

Just then, a tapping breaks through the silence. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. What the hell is that? The tapping goes on for what seems to be hours, and I get dizzy and slip into unconsciousness.

A voice - cold, detached, clinical: "She's panicking. Push two CCs of diazepam..."

I float free of anxiety. I am confused, but not worried about the confusion. Why this distant memory of fear?

"Okay good. Heart rate's coming down, blood pressure's easing. Nobody's ever made it this far. My friends think the transplant may be stabilizing..."

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-Christina K

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Authors' Cave celebrates Halloween for the commercial spirit and there is no relation with beliefs or non-beliefs about any pagan or other traditions.


  1. Christina, I loved CRASH LANDING! And your Halloween Story "transplant" twist is excellent!

  2. Thanks Lorrie and yea!! What a fun story on the Blog!!