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Welcome to the Halloween Blog Train! (by Lorrie Farrelly)

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Include a picture or video of yourself in a Halloween costume! 
Halloween with Lorrie! :)

What is your favorite scary movie? 

What scene from a book or movie scared you more than any other? 
My favorite scene is "We're gonna need a bigger boat" from "Jaws".

Here is that movie clip!  

If all of Stephen King's bad guys were after each other, who would win and why? 
I think the scariest of King's bad guys is, by far, the Overlook Hotel. Whatever the evil, spooky Overlook wants, the Overlook gets. Thank goodness it can't get up and walk around!

Give a Treat!  
Graveyard Cake with Cookie Tombstones!  

Elevator pitch for one of your books!

The Guardian's AngelTaking a daring leap of faith has left Elizabeth Driscoll running for her life, inextricably bound to a compelling man and a troubled young child who, only hours before, were strangers to her.

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These 11 brave souls from all over the world took on the challenge to join the Halloween Story Train!

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Ginger Gelsheimer - Florida
Mary Fonvielle - North Carolina
Christina Keats - Colorado
William Bryan Miller - Kentucky
Lorrie Farrelly - California
Lex Allen - Germany
Celia Kennedy - Washington
Lisa Hall - Oregon
Chameleon - Texas
Linda Thackery - Australia
Gemma Farrow - London

They were given a beginning of a story and each writer passed the torch to the next train car (blog) to continue the story. We had no idea where it would go or how it would turn out, but it's a great story and you will never guess what happens next!

Follow the train to see how the story goes and to get to know some of the new authors.

Blog Train Halloween Story! 

Members of the train will follow in the order of their cars to complete the following Halloween story. 

Follow the train to see how the story goes and to get to know some new authors!

(If you have just arrived, click here to go to Train Car #1 for the beginning of the story!)

What's that I hear? the shriek of brakes, the hiss of steam, the screech of metal in the darkness ... The Halloween Blog Train is here!

From the fog and steam enveloping Car #5, something emerges ... something ephemeral, slowly taking form ... Ah! There it is! The next revelation in our Story.

Buried Alive?

DARKNESS AGAIN. Then, slowly, sound seeps in: soft, padded footsteps, in a steady drip, plop, plop, plop. I'm suddenly aware of light behind my eyelids, and I struggle to open them. Something is on my face, some type of mask. All at once I feel smothered! I try to bat it away, but my arms feel heavy. So, so heavy.

A face, blurred and anxious, peers into my eyes. "Doctor, come quickly! She's waking!" Quickly the woman - at least I think it is a woman, despite her unseemly britches - gently removes the mask from my face. I expel a great rush of air, an indescribable relief.

A strained-looking man in a white coat, an odd apparatus slung around his neck, hastens to my bedside. I've no idea who he might be. He stares at me a moment, then smiles and says, "Hello, there. Welcome back. Can you tell us who you are?"

Who I am? What a strange question! I'm Jennie, of course. Miss Virginia Wade of Pennsylvania. "I ... I am Miss Wade," I manage to whisper. My voice sounds and feels as though I have not used it in many years.

"Ah," the doctor - for now I gather that is what he must be - nods. "And can you tell us what you last remember, Miss Wade?"

What I remember ... what I ... Bread! I remember making bread "I ... I was making bread," I murmur. "Kneading the dough. At Sister's house in Gettysburg. And then, and then, something hit me ..." I raise my hand rub my eyes. "I cannot ... remember anything after that. I ..." My voice trails off as I stair at my hand. Oh, Dear Lord! Not my hand, surely!

I raise both my hands now, hold them in front of my face, then frantically feel my face again, my hair. Not me! Not me!

The doctor leans down, takes my hands in his, stopping their frenzied motion. "Nurse," he says quietly over his shoulder, as though he does not want me to hear, "10 mg Valium, please."

The strange lady nods and turns away. My eyes dart back to the doctor, and my panic rises so quickly I cannot think what to do.

"Take is easy, now, Miss Wade," he says, I cannot understand why he is smiling! Does he not see my distress? But he goes on. "You have had quite a trip, but you are doing very well. Your body feels strange to you because it is not the one you last inhabited, which, unfortunately, was damaged beyond repair when you were struck by a stray bullet during a long-ago battle. But you are quite well, I assure you. In fact, you are more than well, for you are now the first successful Past Life Transplant to ever survive the procedure!"

Can't wait to find out what happens next? Click here for the next exciting episode of the story, from gifted author LEX ALLEN! 

AND WHEN the HALLOWEEN BLOG TRAIN has finally roared on into the night, your Spooky Fun needn't end! 

Prairie Rose Publications' COWBOYS, CREATURES, AND CALICO BOXED SET has 12 terrific, hair-raising-but-still-heart-warming Western Halloween stories! Leading off the collection is my own The Sheriff of Hel'n Gone, the tale of a courageous Old West Lawman doomed to relive the worst - and last - Halloween of his life, until the day he rescues a young archaeologist from the wreck of her Jeep. The question is, can she rescue him?



Many thanks! and now...Wait! Listen! There's the whistle! The HALLOWEEN BLOG TRAIN is leaving the station! 

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Authors' Cave celebrates Halloween for the commercial spirit and there is no relation with beliefs or non-beliefs about any pagan or other traditions.


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