Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reality bits - Fun Facts

Parts of our world...shared in what's around us, and in history.

I like reminding myself of these types of things. It reminds me that what we do when we are writing is real and what we do will be remembered. And just as our choices in our stories are each unique, we are all unique as the creators behind them.

Hats off to us, my fellow writers, and to our mini-wins, big successes and our funny little habits! :)


1. What is something we hear about and ourselves have casually referred to having, that Charles Dickens did suffer from?
  • Insomnia. (I have to say I feel like I have this often...why is that??)

2.  Who won the Pulitzer four times?
  • Robert Frost (famous writer of John F. Kennedy) (Wow!)

3. Quote from Hemingway?
  • “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety-one pages of shit. I try to put the shit in the wastebasket.”  (ha ha, well said!)

4. She had lupus and could only handle writing for 2 hours a day!
  • Flannery O’Connor (takes the excuses for slacking right out of it doesn't it?)

5. He was so tall, “it’s said” he used to write over his fridge. Hmmm...
  • Thomas Clayton Wolfe ( not have this issue, ha ha)

More things about people we know...

6. Danielle Steel - She is known for working on 4-5 books at a time. She also would work 20 hours a day working first drafts...on a typewriter!

7. Stephen King - 2,000 words a day...need I say more?

8. Truman Capote - He wrote longhand (and with his cigarettes handy of course) and could only write in the horizontal position! Yep, he wrote lying down in bed or laid out on the couch. Nice!

9. Agatha Christie - I have loved reading Agatha! She taught herself to read...when she was four. And this was against the odds since her mother wanted her to wait until she was 8!

10. Ernest Hemingway - Remember him? Here’s some more...he did it all and only wrote 500  words a day!

Hey, we all have our quirks. As for me, well, I have an issue with the immediate space around me and my comfort in it (to the annoyance of those around me at times). I don’t like clutter around me when I sit down to write. I like things situated and in their place. Things on the outside could be in complete chaos but if my little bubble of space is worries, I’m good to go!

What about you?

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