Sunday, January 4, 2015

What kind of “Creative” are you?

Are you generally creative or are you a ????

Are you a painter, a writer, sculptor? Do you have one creative outlet and is that what defines you?  Many, find themselves simply creative overall and have multiple ways they express themselves, while others focus on one, main and specific thing. A professional photographer, for example...books, studio and the works. It’s what he/she does. Would you say that you fall into a category of the arts?

We all talk to people everyday and sometimes find ourselves surprised to hear about their secret dabbles...happens all the time. The accountant in the next cubicle is part of a garage band, your hair stylist makes jewelry, your boss builds classic cars and your child’s daycare provider is a dancer!

What makes it so that these talents get lost behind other careers or are they not lost at all and are simply creative outlets? I guess you could say the same about a lot of things but sometimes we find ourselves expecting more out of our creative friends (and even ourselves). Do we wonder why every guy we see at the gym is not a bodybuilder or why every woman we see in the lap pool didn’t go for the Gold? Probably not. But meet someone who sings and performs on the weekends or maybe has some art on the walls at the local cafe and we feel it somehow defines them.

Brings it to the question of when does your creative outlet satisfy you and can you say it’s enough?

Katy Perry
Katy Perry (stage name) had music in her bones since she was a small girl. There was no doubt about the fact that she wanted to sing. Course she started out in gospel music as that was her only outlet. Not sure about it, she kept at it until she found her home in music and broke out into Pop. She went for it even though it was against her childhood family values overall.

Would you be willing to give up your life goodies that you have now to go for it?

Stephen King
He was writing, and writing some more. He and his wife lived with pretty much nothing while he typed away. I’m reminded of a story (written by him) explaining how he maybe had enough money to walk down the street for a six pack and buy diapers for his little one. But, with the art in his bones, he couldn’t stop, kept at it and now writes more than 3000 words every day!

And just maybe, you will route your talents to teach others and that, in itself, is your true legacy?

Jessica Mezey
As a prima ballerina, Jessica has made quite the career for herself. With leading roles from Russia into the U.S.A., she has many on her resume. She takes it beyond that though and also puts together concepts for fashion shows, works in the theater and also has directed more than one of her own theater productions!

Of course, it’s always fun, and feels somewhat celebrity say say “I’m a writer” or “I’m an artist” but the biggest question is “What does that mean to YOU?”  Can you feel it? Can you feel it in your bones? Are you “jonesing” for your talent each and every day or is it more of a hobby? Maybe you just like the image it gives you socially and at parties.

Sometimes creative habits are good just as they are and they give us an outlet when the day is done. I know for me, if I’m being honest, I can not survive in a closed world, put me in a box, I have limits, kind of existence. If I had to hide my talents behind a set career in an office somewhere, I’d be doomed (and I did give it the honest try).  But for some of my close friends it is that very career (trade or business, for example) that provides them their outlets at all and that is where they find their balance.

I say, it is good stuff either long as we are honest. But if you are a true Creative, let’s be honest there too and if it’s what you feel and what you want, I can only hope there are more go for its out there!  

Creative habits support good living, creative teachers can form new paths for others and defined creatives have their set focus. Our respect for our talents and ourselves helps us to find that direction. Today I say, I hope we all find our home in our talents and can live with them and share them when we can, so that we are giving ourselves and our talents the respect they each deserve.

To me, it’s this respect for yourself that should allow you to ask yourself about your talents and be honest. And if it would feel good and right to give that talent some more attention...then I say go for it!

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