Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday - taking a look back


So, I'm sitting here and thinking...the end of the week for me somehow never feels like the end of the week for me. Well, okay, maybe I’m a bit brain dead and shall I say, slightly tired?  But let’s face it, those of us who are the creative types, and with all the writing going on here, who really has time to shut off the brain anyway??  I don’t know about you but waking up in the middle of the night with a “big idea” or coming up with answers to any sort of “creative block” are a total norm for me. Heck, I expect it and bring it on! No doubt most of you share this little hobby.

And here come the weekend, it's a whole new thing! A fresh start, a time to catch up and a time to get ahead. Sometimes, it’s a time to get away...but then of course, not much gets done at all and we don’t even want to talk about how that leaves Monday!

It was a mixed week for me, that’s for sure. Thought I’d share my Friday Five.

Violin! My Lara had great violin rehearsals this week. This girl (my daughter) is just constantly full of surprises.  When I have to take a break from my shared passions that are personal to me there’s nothing better than the ones closest to me. 
Spending time with Lara is always a win and watching her learn and play and be so proud, always gives me that great feeling and motivates me to do more with my own stuff!  She is preparing for her orchestra tour that is coming up...more power to her and great job!

Hosting visitors from out of state. From Minnesota this time and hey, the more the merrier. Well, can't say I feel that way every minute of every visit (let's be honest) but really, I do like being able to have people feel comfortable in my home and my much loved state!

It’s funny, these guys are so excited because they are actually moving here very soon. I swear, if you haven’t been out to Colorado yet you really need to get out here!  It’s 77 today as I sit in the foothills and ski resorts are still open, so you can go ride the snow if you’re in the mood. They are having a blast. Hosting dinner tonight and I’m sure the stories will go on and on.
Authors Cave...need I say more?  GREAT things happening here. Lots of time with my partners Ginger and Chameleon

We are working around the clock to make sure this site is ready, organized and has what it needs. 

We have definitely had some fun working on all of it but have also shared the time and dedication it’s taking to get it where we want it. It’s going to be great and it was another week of getting just that much closer to our launch. Book Review Depot is active there...check it out if you haven’t and keep that site on your mind because it only grows from here.

Travel. Well, this one is not a happy part of the week and definitely takes up some head space. Two deaths in the family of someone very close to me make for a distraction. 

Memories, phone calls, travel planning, organizing...very sad and very confusing week with this. I don’t need to say much more about unfortunately speaks enough for itself.

Easter. As the week throws us right into the weekend, I've got egg decorating and a basket to fill! Where or where should I hide the basket this year...Lara is on to me, let’s see if I can outsmart her. lol

Colorado Avs. This is #6, but I am throwing this in here because hey, we came back and won over the Minnesota Wild last night. Oh yea!!! :)

What a week and on to some more!  Any other big news out there? Feel free to share. Whew, back to my projects. :)

To close though, here’s a fun fact from one of my favorite radio stations (when I used to drive in rush hour):

It’s estimated that 6% of people will do this in their car this weekend…

Hmmm, I’m holding out to give the answer until Monday...anyone have any guesses?