On one level, it's a reality

I think that most of us have similarities in the fact that we all have certain “issues” with ourselves that we really just don’t want to admit. Why do we continue to put things off, be lazy and hurt the ones we love over and over again? I know we always say that we don’t mean to but let’s be real, most of the time? Most people are full of it when they say that. They’ve done it by choice, they just don’t really want to admit it.
It’s almost like, we all have some sort of need for chaos or the negative. I think it’s because we are all a bit selfish and want things and time for ourselves. This is on top of the fact that we all seem to fall victim to our surroundings and feel like we have no choice but to do some of the surprising things we do.
We are lazy and eat bad, ignore our commitments to exercise and health and say we deserve it. We hurt each other by doing things we know we should not do, but it’s because we have no choice, because of ‘blah blah’. Why can’t we just come out and say that our commitments to ourselves and our loved ones are just not as strong as we’d like to believe, and that a lot of the time, our choices are ruled by fear? Fear of a person, failure, change … could be anything.
We can also admit that really, we just might be quite comfortable where we are and don’t really want to make changes or do certain things, even though we say we do. We only really hear someone admit things like this when it’s harmless or maybe when we take pride in the fact that others might envy our choices. You rarely hear people say they hurt someone because they are selfish or that they knew it would hurt people but did it for their own gain.
I think we are all hiding a bit from ourselves and others. I think we lack the strength to do what we want and tend to feel ‘stuck’ in a certain situation. What would it take for us all to be able to truly come out into the world as our true selves? Can we even admit what that is to ourselves? When will we have the strength to do what it is we really want to do?
And for those of you that are in fact living true? You can know that those of us that tend to be (on some level) “hiders” and “liars” are in fact envious … at least we can admit that.

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