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What is going on here??
...and WHAT is all the fuss about??

Blog Trains, Contests, Hunts and a Launch but what in the heck is going on over at Authors’ Cave?

We all have an Authors' Cave of our own. That place where we create and our ideas come alive. Some of us may even have a few but either way we are certainly working very hard to get something very personal done! So why not take it a step further?

For those of you who are new or if you do not quite know for sure what Authors' Cave goes.

Authors' Cave is the place to take your personal work of art to the new heights I'm sure you are aware it deserves. So, in case you were curious of what all is going on around here, I've laid out a few examples of why visiting us in the Cave is a great idea!

Writing and Posting your book.

You have written your book and are feeling pretty good. You have edited the dang thing to death and you have read it to just about every family member you can get your hands on. You are ready and want to see that thing presented to the world! If all is set and you are feeling like you want it up and looking awesome, then right there is step one to taking advantage of the polishing services offered at Authors' Cave, and here are some examples as to why: 

Facing the music.
Beta, beta, beta!

How compelling is your blurb? Does the cover match the reader's experience or expectations? Get an outside view into your grammar and punctuation...are there errors? Get feedback on your characters, plot and story engagement. Take the plunge and get some feedback. This could be a great tool to help you see things that so many of us miss in our own writing! I definitely experienced this and was thankful to the readers that had found those unwanteds in my story that I was completely blind to when reading it myself. And just ask my writing partner, Ginger Gelsheimer, and she will tell you the same thing. Very glad we got our beta readers to help us out!
Authors' Cave - Beta Reads

Challenge yourself.
Two words. The Grind.

Before you subject yourself to that first, harsh review, give your book a good run through The Grind. In return, you will get an error report that runs down the details into grammar and punctuation the human eye may miss. You will also get information on sentence structure, spelling, tenses on top of a personalized narrative by an Authors' Cave Committee Member. 

There is no doubt that you would benefit from the follow up that breaks down and interprets the report findings with the added benefit of one-to-one feedback of a readers suggestions. You can take the report and book feedback and are free to make the choice on any edits you may want to go with! Why not get that now before you hear it first on Amazon.
Authors' Cave - The Grind

Other things you may not know!


Take your book through the process and earn the rating of an Authors' Cave five star review! 

These are not handed out by any means and obtaining this is a backup that many will be looking for as we spread throughout the writing community beyond where we are now.

By the end of the process, these books are certified by Authors' Cave as top notch, five star, polished works of art! 

Blog trains!

The blog train was a fun way for us all to come together and share our works, who we are and to help keep thing moving among our strong community. 

These are not going away and are going to be a regular feature of Authors' Cave so you will want to get your Ticket to Ride!

Get published with Authors' Cave publishing!

Going beyond the things we work on everyday, including our writing, reading, editing, polishing and covers, comes the posting event to the world! 

Get the support of Authors' Cave to publish your book.

With Authors' Cave on your side you will gain not only a "spot on the web" but the support of helping make sure your book is reaching the people out there who want to read your story!

Google+ power!

Get more direct interaction with your followers. You have more flexibility with the outgoing connections than having to wait for them to find you first! The power in numbers that is growing for Authors' Cave members is building the community every single day. The Authors' Cave news and updates, event and enhancements are sure to be posted in full in the Authors' Cave Google Plus page and as we grow, we want you to grown with us and not miss the crucial information and available benefits to YOU!

Take advantage of Google's Circle of friends! You can use them for promotions and interaction and can target them to specific readers, writers, regions and more! It is just the beginning of something big so you aren't going to want to miss out on that one!

More services, more options.


Get to know us and join the community!

Find out more about what we have going on and get your book ready to share with readers!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Climb aboard!!


Chugging through July 21, 2014

You are cordially invited to attend the Grand Launch Festival Day! Join us for what is sure to be a blast with the Most Enticing Book Trailer Contest winner announcement, scavenger hunt, giveaways, Google social hangouts, and our kick off for the 1st Annual Authors' Cave Book Awards where you can win $500 cash, a Kindle Fire or Nook, and free promotion of your work for a year at Authors' Cave!

Join us in the Facebook Community and the Google+ Community!!

Authors' Cave Grand Launch Blog Train!

Hi there! I'm so happy to be a part of this blog train with you! This festival is a great way to bring us together. For me, I often find myself behind the scenes with the work I do for the building and enhancements of Authors' Cave and so hopefully you can learn a little bit about me here. 

3 sentences about myself:
Creativity and freedom are two life codes that have always been a part of my world as a drive and pure necessity. I love to create through my drawings and paintings and have been lucky enough to share them with many people in my life. My writings in particular, stem from points that run deep and the continuing Aurora Conspiracy project is a shared vision between myself and one of my best partners in life, Ginger Gelsheimer, and brings an experience one just can't get anywhere else...I'm most definitely, one lucky girl!

Book One in the Aurora Trilogy:

Quest of the Hybrid - 
The mystery of who we are may not be for the purpose we think it is and more importantly, in the control we hope it is.

How far would you be willing to go to know the truth? Could you stand up and face the knowledge before you and could you handle true change if it was presented to you?

The truth for all of us is out there and it might just be its time for discovery. We just have to be willing to believe and find strength in that challenge.

The supporting Prequel Series:
Do we believe the history that has been presented to us? What were they doing here that day and why does it concern any of us at all?

Accepted truths are just that...acceptance, and acceptance does not give us the answers. Historical facts can fill the gaps but the true history tells us the story behind it all. Get to know when and how it all began and finally put the pieces together.

The details of that true history have been told through the eyes of the ones on the front lines, and those very tales can be found in the prequel series.

Elevator Speech: Provide 2 sentences to "SELL" your book(s) - 
Quest of the Hybrid (Aurora Conspiracy Trilogy: Book One) - Those that are willing to dream beyond what is handed to them, deserve the chance to know the truth. It was time to share the knowledge that has been shared with us by those that were there.

Aurora Conspiracy Trilogy - Prequel Series - In order to make sense of the chaos we find ourselves in today, we need to go back to where it all began. However unbelievable it may seem, that true history is documented and told in detail within this prequel series.

The first three words I would use to describe myself are - 
Passion. Loyalty. Expression.

I am currently working on this project - 
Sometimes a story seems too amazing to get our head around. I mean, how do you put something like that into words? The notes and endless pages of thoughts, humor and tears, along with a will that won't quit, is where I am right now. More simply put, I'm in the awkward phase of building a story that has been asked of my by many. All I can say on it, as of right now and today, is that there is definitely something on its way.

My favorite thing about Book Review Depot / Authors' Cave - 
Well, this goes back to Aurora Conspiracy once again and when we were wondering where all the great reviews we see and read out there actually come from! That's when my writing partner put out that first post looking for some answers. We found one. I look at Book Review Depot today as an answer to one of many questions that people were asking. Since then, the desire to help others that might want the support and help along the way grew into the vision of Authors' Cave. My thought had always been that if we could expand out of one box into something bigger, the options for resources were endless, and why not rely on the experts which include each and every one of us. For every person that benefits from the things I am doing and setting up every single day, THAT is what makes it all worth it and is my favorite thing about it all.

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Enough about are 3 more books from Authors' Cave you might enjoy!

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Stay on the train and see what more have to share by following these authors next!

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